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We are committed to providing you with the proper temperature monitoring solution for the most critical applications. Our precision, industry knowledge and enthusiasm for innovation provides a strong foundation you can rely on to protect the integrity of your brand throughout the supply chain.

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Food Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Whether you are trying to maintain proper refrigerated or frozen temperatures to comply with food safety regulations or you want to protect your brand by assuring quality all the way to consumption, AKAT has a full selection of accurate electronic temperature monitoring solutions. You can track temperatures at the individual product, pallet or truck level to guarantee effective temperature monitoring for your cold chain distribution needs.

Life Science Temperature

Monitoring Solutions

Our temperature monitoring solutions provide peace of mind that your critical products have been kept within acceptable temperature ranges throughout the supply chain. Our full portfolio of solutions help you protect biologic samples, medicines, vaccines, blood, tissue, and pharmaceuticals from possible temperature excursions. We work with the industry leaders in the life science industry to develop custom solutions to detect exposure to potential temperature dangers and effectively display those results.

Logistics Temperature

Monitoring Solutions

Leading logistics companies rely on us to protect their brand with an ongoing commitment to effective temperature monitoring. We deliver precise, custom solutions to ensure the most accurate results. From the moment you require temperature monitoring in the manufacturing process through the harsh challenges of shipping and storage, our solutions provide assurance that your products have been effectively monitored throughout the supply chain and all the way to end use.

Industrial Temperature

Monitoring Solutions

AKAT offers a wide selection of temperature monitoring solutions that you can rely on to protect your product and ensure a positive experience for the end user. Our solutions have been tested and proven to be reliable and effective for shipping and storage, manufacturing processes, automotive, heat treating, sterilization, bonding for textiles, electronics, aerospace applications and many more industrial applications.

Temperature monitoring and instruments for industries that require the most accurate and reliable solutions

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