36L Medical Cooler with Wheels




Medical Coolers with wheels, Temperature Display & Ice Bricks. Keeps medication between

2 - 8℃ for up to 54 Hours! Transporting medical products suddenly became so much simpler.

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Transit temperature recorder

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Inkatech Temperature recorder


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  • Cooling with the use of safe temperature controlled HT refrigerant packs, x 6 pcs Rigid Gel packs (cold usable space 21.5L)
  • LED temperature display with internal probe
  • Molded outer and inner skins with insulation foamed in situ between, for both the body of the container and the lid
  • UV resistant Internal and External Moldings, including the lid
  • Two lids with separate sealing devices are fitted in order to limit energy loss while the carrier is being accessed
  • The lids are fitted with substantial hinges, hinge pins and fixings, effective seals
  • The closing devices for the lids are partially recessed, over center catches designed to compress each lid seal independently on closing
  • The lid is fitted with robust hinges, and is capable of being totally removed from the box as well as being raised on hinges
  • The handling devices for the cooler consist of a molded polypropylene handle, and can easily be handled by one or two persons.
  • In addition, it is fitted with a set of wheels and a pull handle. The insulated removable liner holds the Refrigerant Packs in place
  • The frozen Refrigerant Packs are located precisely where designed for best efficiency every time the product is used



  • 2 - 8℃ for 36 hrs. at 43℃ Ambient
  • 2 - 8℃ for 48 hrs. at 30℃ Ambient
  • 2 - 8℃ for 54 hrs. at 25℃ Ambient


36L Medical Cooler


  • External Height: 405 mm
  • External Width: 335 mm
  • External Length: 570 mm
  • Capacity: 36 L
  • Internal Height: 328 mm
  • Internal Width: 250 mm
  • Internal Length: 485 mm
  • Weight: 19 Kg
  • Usable Cold Space:21.5 L

    (42.5 x 18 x 29.3 cm)


Graphic Temperature recorder
Graphic Temperature recorder
Graphic Temperature recorder
Graphic Temperature recorder
Graphic Temperature recorder
Graphic Temperature recorder