36L Medical Cooler Box with Thermometer



36 L Medical Cooler with temperature display for keeping medication between 2 - 8℃ for 32- 38 hours.  


  • Volume: 36 Litre
  • Cold space capacity: 18 Litre
  • External Dimension: 57 L x 33.5 W x 40.5 H cm
  • Internal Dimension: 46.5 L x 25 W x 32.8 H cm
  • Weight: 7.4 kg empty
  • Weight: 13.8 kg loaded
  • Cold source: medical grade hard gel ice bricks 
      • Ice bricks quantity: 8 packs 
      • Ice bricks size: 28 x 3 x 18 cm 
      • Thermometer battery: LR44 coin cell (replaceable)


      36L Medical Cooler



      • Built-in temperature display with internal probe
      • Molded outer and inner skins with insulation foamed in site between,  for both the body of the container and the lid
      • UV resistant Internal and external moldings, including the lid
      • Two lids with separate sealing devices are fitted in order to limit energy loss while the carrier is being accessed
      • The lids are fitted with substantial hinges, hinge pins and fixings
      • The closing devices for the lids are partially recessed, over center catches designed to compress each lid seal independently on closing
      • The lid is fitted with robust hinges, and is capable of being totally removed from the box as well as being raised on hinges
      • The insulated removable liner holds the refrigerant packs in place             
      Medicine cooler box



      It is recommended to deep freeze all gel ice bricks for min.12 hours at -18°C before use. Place frozen ice bricks inside the foil pockets in the cooler box. When temperature on the display reaches the desired temperature, place products inside the box and close the lid.
      Cold life may be affected by direct sunlight, volume, density and temperature of payload on loading, frequent opening of the lid or incorrect conditions of the cold packs.

      It is not recommended to use water based ice packs for vaccine and medicine transport. Our ice packs are medical grade gel based, designed specifically for transport of pharmaceutical products that will keep the required temperature for longer duration.



      Cold chain ice box

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