Graphic Recorder

Inkatech, Single Use Graphic Temperature Recorder     


This analog temperature recorder has been designed for use in the transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products such as

fresh and frozen food, cut flowers and plants, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical products.

This recording device that you can rely on in long road shipments (fresh fruit, meat, fish, medicine, etc.) to record the temperature of the products from the beginning until the final end point.

Its lightweight yet highly resistant housing with a fast response to temperature change; It is a highly reliable device that provides maximum accuracy.                            

Temperature Recorder for transit
Inkatech Temperature recorder
Analog Temperature recorder
Transit temperature recorder
Strip chart recorder for shipment
Temperature recorder
Strip chart Temperature recorder


  • Data logger type: Single - use temperature graphic recorder
  • Temperature range: -28°C to +38°C (-20°F to 100°F)
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1°C/1.9°F  

  • Time accuracy: average 20 seconds per month
  • Temperature sensor: Traceable Bi-Metal Coil (HACCP Required
  • Chart size: 94.4 and 193 cm

  • Drive: solid state Quartz controlled clock motor
  • Recording duration: 20, 40, 75 days
  • Shelf life: 3 years 
  • Battery: AA 1.5V
  • Alarm configuration: up to 5 thresholds prgrammable

  • Dimensions: 140L x 90W x 60H mm 
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Case lot size: 20 recorders per case                  
Graphic Temperature recorder
Graphic Temperature recorder



The device is activated easily by pulling the start band (START) and starts to record the temperature of the media. 

It can be traced in the transparent viewing window where it works as desired. Then, the temperature is adhered to a suitable place of the medium to be monitored.

When the destination or recording process is finished, the graphic inside the device is removed and the temperature recording is easily seen. 

The graph is a document that is evidence of temperature changes during transportation. A carbon copy of the loading form on the recorder also provides evidence of the loading. 


Strip chart Temperature recorder