HACCP Food Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer

IR - Fi 40L, Professional Grade Infrared Thermometer  

IR Food Thermometer- Ideal for Refrigerator, Freezer and Transportation for precise temperature readings.

The IR-Fi40L laser thermometer for food is the last word when HACCP accuracy for food inspection is demanded. This is one of the most advanced digital infrared food thermometers manufactured today.

Among IR thermometers, our Food Inspector model has some special features that set it apart.

It has one of the narrowest beam (16:1) of any commercial unit now in use in the food industry.  This allows reading at greater distances.  You can easily get a good reading of a refrigerated display case from a ten foot distance.

This instrument has the lowest “thermal shock” rating of any unit now in the industry: 7 seconds.  This is important when going from refrigeration measurement to steam tables and cooking.  Some units do not stabilize for minutes.  The food inspector saves valuable time.

This is a new standard for professional temperature measurement in perishable warehouses, distribution centers and food service businesses, where it is used to conduct rapid surveys of both refrigeration and cooking temperatures.  It is a very accurate unit, and is simple in operation with a minimum of buttons to push–just aim and read


HACCP Infrared thermometer


  • Temperature Range: -67 ° to 536 °F (-55 ° to 280 °C)

  • Distance-to-Spot Size Ratio of 12:1

  • Response time: 1 second
  • Colour White
  • Bright, built-in Class II laser provides easy aiming

  • Between 32 ° to 150 °F: ±1 °C (2 °F) with 1/10th degree resolution complying with HACCP recommendations

  • Below 0 °C (32 °F): ±(1 °C ± 0.1 degree/degree)

  • Above 65 °C (150 °F): ±1.5% of reading

  • Dimension: 15 W x 200 L mm
IR Food Thermometer


  • Emissivity preset for food applications

  • Features a special thermopile detector for improved immunity to water vapor

  • Back-lit LCD display

  • Auto Off

  • 9 Volt battery, included

  • Battery life approx. 14 hours
  • Selectable temperature units, °C or °F

IR Food Thermometer

An important note about thermal shock:

The Fi40L maintains accuracy under widely changing environmental conditions. For a 10 °C change in ambient temperature, competitive models exhibit measurement errors of about 2 °C requiring 30 minutes to stabilize. By contrast, the Fi40L exhibits an error 3 times smaller and recovers 4 times faster.