Economic, Single Use Temperature Data Logger   


Our Economic temperature data logger is a single-use/disposable data logger, mainly used in the fields of medicine, vaccine, blood, food, flowers and plants, laboratory with recording capacity 16, 000 points.

Especially suitable for cold chain storage and transportation where high protection grade is required. By food grade colloidal injection molding technology, the protection grade of the shell can reach IP67. It features plug-and-play function with no need to install data management software. Even if the logger's battery runs out, the data report can be read.


Elitech RC-19 Single Use data logger



    • Temperature measuring range: -30℃~70℃/-22℉~158℉

    • Resolution: 0.1℃
    • Temperature accuracy: 0.5℃

    • Alarm threshold: default (customizable)

    • Memory capacity: 16000 readings (MAX)
    • Sensor type: Internal NTC

    • Log cycle: 120 days (customizable)

    • Alarm threshold: default (customizable)
    • Alarm type: single/cumulative
    • Data interface: USB port
    • Protection grade: IP67

    • Size: 105mm (L) x 51mm (W) x 2.5mm (H)

    • LED Indicators :REC, Low Bat., High Alarm, Low Alarm

    • Weight: approx. 13g

Single Use Temperature Data Logger
Disposable Temperature Data Logger



  • The temperature data logger is mainly used for monitoring and logging temperature in storage and shipment of food and pharmaceuticals, such as cooler boxes, refrigerated trucks, containers, etc.

  • The logger can connect to a computer via its USB port and export a PDF report

  • It features an internal sensor and a CR2450 lithium battery

  • IP67 waterproof protection

  • One-time Use, memory capacity: 16000 points.


Click the START button to turn on the device and place it inside your shipment.

Remove the device from the delivery and click STOP to disable it. Connect the device directly to the computer USB port.

The report (in PDF and CSV format) will download automatically without any software installation.